Blog 36 imageFive years ago I graduated from a Russian University in Moscow. I got a college degree as an environmental engineer. But soon after graduating, I started to ask myself, “Can I really work as an engineer? Do I have enough knowledge and experience to start working in this sphere?” Unfortunately, my answers to these questions were “NO.” After 5 years in the university, I had no idea how to apply that data which I “got” a diploma for. I was in confusion. I had a lot of problems finding a  job. At that time I had the idea that I needed another education which would give me tools for business and life, not just a piece of paper named a “diploma.” Now I am a student at Hubbard College of Administration and very close to finishing my Associate Degree. And this program is exactly what I wanted! In this college degree it is quite remarkable that there are apprenticeships after almost every course you do. You cannot say, “I don’t know” or, “I am unable to apply the knowledge gotten!”  It is impossible, as you have to demonstrate it in the apprenticeships every time! :-). The study method used here is so great that every student KNOWS what he learned and IS ABLE TO APPLY and has lots of perspectives in their life regarding the data. In some months, I am going back to my country. I am very confident in my future, I have my goal in life and I have management tools which will help me reach success in my life. Now, that is a career education.