This blog starts the beginning of a series of blogs I’ll be doing which will offer any blog follower a better insight into different Hubbard College of Administration (HCA) students and their career education paths. In my first blog post I gave a little bit of information about myself– now you can learn about some others and see the veritable melting pot we have here. Today I sat down in Interview Room #300 with Franco Chaves, a 21-year-old student attending the Hubbard College and talked a bit about his life goals and experience at the HCA so far. Me: First off, where are you originally from? Franco: Lima, Peru. Me: And how did you hear about the Hubbard College? Franco: I heard about the Hubbard College through a high school tutor who used the study technology that is used here at the college. One day she brought me here on a tour and then bang, I was interested. When I finished school and started considering college, my first choice was here. Me: What program are you on currently? Franco: Well, I first started on an Administrative Management Program. When I finished it I decided to do the degree program. So now I’m on the degree program getting my Associates. Me: Did you attend the Sales Workshop here April 4th and what did you think about it? Franco: Yes, I’ve gone to four of them now! I like that there’s practice of the techniques of how to sell! I also like that I could talk to the seminar speaker and he helped me with the application of the techniques. Me: What in particular has made your Hubbard College career education stand out from the rest of the career colleges and business schools out there? Franco: Because of the apprenticeships here- I can practice what I learn and I meet different business people at the same time. Me: Have You Planned out how you’re going to find a job after finishing your program? Franco: I will be working with the job placement service here at HCA. I’m not worried. Also I’ve made many friends here from different places: Los Angeles, Lebanon, Japan, Russia, Columbia, Cuba, and many other countries. I’m sure I will keep in touch with them throughout my career. You never know… Me: Is there something that stands out in your experience here so far that you would like to mention? Franco: Yeah, being sent to different apprenticeships gave me a real good understanding of how companies work and how the structure works. This helps because it gives me ideas of how I can use the structures and plans they use in my own company. Me: What are your immediate plans after you get your Associate Degree here? Franco: My plans are to become an American Citizen, work, save up more money and eventually go back to Peru and open a business consultant company.