As a young entrepreneur I never wanted to find a job and work for a company. I just wanted to own my company. These days I hear that a lot. Someone asks little Timmy what he wants to be when he grows up, “Own my own business.” Everyone says great and just carries a long. Well I realized a few years back that owning your own business is a lot more complicated than that. I needed to get a Business Administration Degree, or else I was never going to reach my goal of “owning my own business.” Well I’m almost there. I haven’t got my Business Administration Degree yet, but I’m already starting my own business. And on just the start-up I’m very happy I have all of the knowledge I’ve learned so far. I don’t think I would have made it this far without learning how to really run a business. My theory is if you know how to run a business, then you know the proper way for it to be set-up. And it’s also a whole heck of a lot easier to set it up. Today’s world is changing, and you’ve got to know what you’re doing just to keep up with the changes that are going on out there. Mark Cuban recently asked on his blog for a good idea for a new product or business that needs his money. Hundreds of people out there have submitted in-the-works ideas, but few have been chosen. The point is 5 years ago that would have never happened. With the Business Administration Degree that I’m getting from Hubbard College, I feel like I have the ability to survive in this crazy business world. Redmond, Student at Hubbard College