Blog 34 imageI’m very happy to have taken these courses (Executive Basics and Effective Leadership) because I can apply this in our company. This is not difficult to do. You just know and follow the things that an executive needs to do. This course helped me further my career education and taught me many things I did not know. I always wondered, ‘How to be a good executive?’ But, I never had this data. Now, I got it and know the way. I got many answers in these two courses, and then I applied those answers in doing my apprenticeship. I found I could easily handle my workers, and I knew all the steps to get my quota. And I found that I could give positive orders to my workers and that they understood. Most importantly, I know how to train my staff using just two steps: phase 1 (do it yourself while training staff) and phase 2 (get staff to do the work). Thus, I can do more jobs in my office time and many orders or plans can be accomplished. That is really useful. Now, I know executive basics and will apply them in my job. I can use this data to help my father train our manager so that he has this important data to use in handling his area. Claire Tsai