My name is Tony Grimaldi.  I am an American student at Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA. I have just finished the course, Ethics For Business Survival. To survive as an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding feelings.  This course goes over the many types ofj0316724situations you’ll have to deal with while running a Business.  For example, have you ever felt like the momentum to start projects has just stopped?  This was one of the things that I had experienced while trying to start a Business.  I finally found the answer within this course. Rewards and Penalties are what keep motivation alive. I realized a fundamental mistake: I never would reward the person who did the most for us, and I would never penalize the person that wasn’t producing what was needed. Using rewards and penalties can be a fun game to play, as the pay off is far beyond just keeping motivation alive.  Basically, it gets the production up! This is just one of the benefits I got out of this course! It was really fun and I learned a lot!