Associate degreeI am Gloria Liu, a Taiwanese student from Taipei on the associate degree program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA. I just completed the course “How to Achieve Effective Learning.” This was a big and a tough one. I gained deeper knowledge on how to study. To start with, one really needs to have a purpose for studying. If one does not have a purpose, or if one has the purpose of merely passing an exam for a certificate/degree, one is going to fail. Maybe one is not going to fail the exam, but one is definitely going to fail to produce in society. Why? The ultimate utility and test of knowledge is in its application. In my country, Taiwan, a university degree is the basic academic requirement. In Taiwan, competition for positions in universities and for jobs is fierce, but many students do not understand that the real value of data is in its application. Therefore, they do not have a purpose to apply the data in work or life. That’s why university students commonly cannot find a job. As a consequence, a university degree means nothing. I am not saying that going to a university is useless, but since we know the purpose of going to a university is to get a great job, unless the purpose of study is to gain knowledge to apply it the purpose of going to a university is lost. Hubbard College of Administration is a self-paced business school that offers an exceptional business administration curriculum, unique learning technology, life-changing apprenticeships and internships, assistance with job placement and a lifetime warranty for students. I am currently on the “Formulas for Business Success and Management by Statistics” apprenticeship.