My name is Alex Edwards.  I am a degree student on the Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management and Administration at Hubbard College of Administration International.  I just finished the How To Write Effective Company Policy apprenticeship. I know you’ve been neglected from my regular blogs for a couple months, so here’s one to make it up to you! Enjoy! On this apprenticeship I got the opportunity to work with the CEO of an Electric Service company. The CEO had recently started promoting his business more, but was still questioning whether he should continue doing it or not.  He also wanted to implement a new method to his promotion.  He presumed the major barrier in accomplishing this would be for him to get everyone in his business to be able to understand, agree and comply to both continued promotion and to a new method without a lapse in their production. This is where I came in. I spoke with CEO, and once having been briefed on the situation, was able to write him a policy that encompassedPolicy all of what he wanted to be made known. I did so in such a way that was easily comprehendible to the staff. I even checked with his personnel and made sure that they had duplicated fully what the policy was attempting to communicate. Now that Carlos has this policy issued in his company, there won’t be any question as to whether or not promotion should be increasingly done each week.  Also, the employees are well on their way to including the CEO’s new method of promotion. You really don’t know the magic of policy until you’ve seen it in action. The reason why policy would ever get a bad name is because the person reading it just doesn’t understand it or the policy was poorly written and not effective in carrying out its purpose. Well, this apprenticeship allowed me to achieve the ability to confidently and competently write an effective policy, get it understood and followed!