Business peopleMy name is Fabian Padro and I am the CEO of Elite Management Group Inc here in Los Angeles California. I had the opportunity to have John Vannier and his team from Hubbard College of Administration do an apprenticeship to help our group and our client The Los Angeles Medical Center. John only needed to be told what was needed and wanted and he put together a program, which is a written sequence of actions necessary to accomplish an objective, and his team went to work right away. On day one, John and his team organized our engineer’s area down in the basement and got everything done in a timely fashion to the point where the engineer came up to me and said,“Hey these guys are great. I need to get a list of things ahead of time next time they come because they work so fast.” John and his team were always professional and came on time and never needed much guidance. In summary, you told them once and they got it done. I would highly recommend John and his team and the Hubbard College of Administration to any business owner. My Best, Fabian Padro John Vannier is an American student from La Crescenta, California on the Associate Degree Program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA. The HCA is a self-paced business school that offers an exceptional business administration curriculum, unique learning technology, life-changing apprenticeships and internships, assistance with job placement and a lifetime warranty for students.  He is currently on the “Ethics for Business Survival” apprenticeship.