I am Alex Edwards, an American student from Tujunga, California on the Associate Degree Program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA. In modern day industry, businesses look for people who can get things done–not just stand there asking questions but actually get what is asked done. It is hard to believe that all businesses hire the right people to work for them, based on the contents of a resume. Granted what one knows is important, but what one can do is vastly more important.j0182826 The How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior Apprenticeship utilizes tools that can help an employer find right people for employment and get their on-going cooperation. As my first step of the apprenticeship, I drilled various scenarios that could come up in the employer employee relationship.  For instance, what would I do as a senior when a junior who has juniors inhibits his juniors from doing things that they thought vital to their success. In addition, I had to think of questions that I could ask applicants in order to find out if they would help the company expand or cause the company to shrink. I used the data learned in the course as the basis for my questions. On the final task of this apprenticeship, I had to manage two people on a small project for a few hours, keeping them productive and cooperative. I managed the distribution of 100 brochures of a bridal gown & costume designer to local businesses, utilizing her two sons as my team. Using what I learned from the course, I was able to manage my juniors with ease and got the entire project done within the given time frame. Below are success stories from the business owner and my juniors. Success Stories from My Team I had a lot of fun doing this task with Alex and my brother. Alex really handled us well and kept us producing. He was very easy to agree with and lead us in a professional manner. What was very cool to see was that he was able to get my brotherís cooperation in helping us. He is usually shy about these things and Alex was able to actually have him walk into a business and confront them. They accepted the brochures and my brother ended up having a large win on this and wanted to help more without us having to do anything to persuade him. Another great thing about doing this was that it helped my mom out a lot, I know that she has been wanting to get these brochures sent out for awhile but since she has to make the dresses and I cannot drive anywhere it had not been able to be achieved. Thanks to Alex this cycle finally got finished and it couldn’t have been done any better. I would work with him again anytime. —Josh Gluck At first when we started handing out the brochures I was a little reluctant to actually do the work. Alex noticed this right away and talked to me and got me to cooperate without force or criticism, I actually had wanted to do it. I walked into a floral business and told the lady there that I was working for a designer and asked if I could leave some bridal brochures for her customers to see and she said ìyesî cheerfully. I had a large win on this and felt eager to do more and I felt more confident in my ability to communicate with others. I want to thank Alex for this win and I would work with him again for sure.  —-Aaron Gluck Success Story from the Business Owner Alex came to do another apprenticeship for me. I had him and my two sons deliver brochures to local businesses. They were given 100 brochures to hand out with a target of 10 businesses. Alex did this task swiftly and got the product. He even got my shy son to go in and talk to the businesses about leaving the brochures in the stores. He said that after Aaron did it once, he then said that he wanted to do more. I was very happy about this. Alex is professional and shows up when he says he will. He is knowledgeable in the task that he is about to undertake and does it with certainty. It is a pleasure to work with Alex.  —Debbie LaFranchi As you can see this apprenticeship prepares one to be able to handle others with ease and keep them efficient. AG00528_On a broader scale, the information included on choosing the right people for a job could be applied to governmental positions. Using these tools, senators, governors and even presidents could be correctly chosen. The people who would hold these positions as a result would make optimum solutions for their governing area. The areas would experience not only prosperity but peace as well. It might seem a little far-fetched to some that this data could bring about such dramatic and positive changes in societies all over the world, but it is a truth that can be validated. This tool about human evaluation and prediction is one of the most powerful and vital tools available to man. I had huge success with