Blog 38 imageOne of the greatest apprenticeships in my Associate Degree was “Basic Organization.” I was working with one of the best “green salons” in LA. It was great as I was able to thoroughly understand the workings of the company and created the Organizating Board for the company. It was a big success for me and I was absolutely happy to get the testimonial from Jennifer, the owner of the salon. “I own a top rated green salon in Los Angeles. I have always wanted an Organizing Board for my salon, and I was thrilled when Hubbard College contacted me to be an apprenticeship location. I really ‘wished’ for this. “Elena came to my salon and met with me a few times and we regularly communicated via email. She was polite and professional and fun to have around. I really feel that she understood fully how to apply the principles of organizing to MY business and I knew that she understood that I wanted the end result to fully represent what I had created and what my products were. And it does! “This Organizing Board puts sanity in my work area, my staff feel that it fully ‘puts them in place’ and builds our understanding and control over our positions and products. I LOVE showing it off to my clients and it is a valuable dissemination tool for showcasing Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology, which has ALWAYS boomed my business when applied! “I currently have another apprentice helping me with statistics & conditions, and I am learning a lot and my stats were up last week again!!! I know that this was due to increased understanding and application of this amazing technology! “I hope there are other apprenticeships that I can help with, and take advantage of, because this is the best thing for business that you can imagine, and I feel like I’m ‘stealing,’ it’s so easy and fun! All the best, Jennifer Charm Carabella Cosmetics & Skin Care Chatsworth, LA” This was a fantastic experience in my Associate Degree.