associate degreeBy Alex Edwards, an American student from Tujunga, California on the associate degree program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA. I worked for close to five hours with a friend on handling his inability to start-up a conversation with someone.  I helped him understand some of the basic tools of how to get along with others.  Subsequently, we decided on a strategy to handle his difficultly.  We drilled it.  He looked really confident and excited to apply the data on the person he had sought to start a friendship with.  I was so happy that I was able to help him feel this way. It turns out that not only was he able to talk to the person of interest, but he’s also openly communicating with others at the college as well!  As a result of this experience, I totally feel capable of helping someone handle difficulties in their relationships with others! Hubbard College of Administration is a self-paced business school that offers an exceptional business administration curriculum, unique learning technology, life-changing apprenticeships and internships, assistance with job placement and a lifetime warranty for students.  I am currently on the “Handling the Ups and Downs in Life” course.