HCA- Blog 14Do you know what Financial Planning is?? I know!! I finally understand what ‘FP (Financial Planning)’ is through the Financial Planning Apprenticeship in the Associates Degree. What is FP??  FP is basically how one uses the funds one has to keep things running well and make more income. After the theory part of FP, I went to a company in Pasadena, California and helped them to implement the workable FP system. When I was there the first time they were using their original program for FP and it was very, very complicated. I saw a lot of ‘unnecessary’ numbers and formats, etc., which were different from the correct FP tools and systems. I applied what I’ve learned and just corrected them completely! Their FP is now very simple and smooth, but workable and profitable. I gained this awesome knowledge and experience through this apprenticeship. The good thing about this college is that I have a chance to go out and experience the actual business world. I can try everything I learned from the theory course there and see a lot of new things which will help my future. I can see myself changing a company and bringing them prosperity. Well, I really enjoyed this apprenticeship and now I can help other companies or myself financially!! By Hiro Suganuma, a Japanese student from Yokohama on the associate degree program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA.  The HCA is a self-paced business school that offers an exceptional business administration curriculum, unique learning technology, life-changing apprenticeships and internships, assistance with job placement and a lifetime warranty for students.  I am currently on the Marketing and Public Relations Surveys course.