HCA- Blog 8This blog I want to dedicate to the Associate Degree International students in Hubbard College of Administration. One year ago, I came here from Russia. Never before had I been in the US and it was very exciting.  I was a bit worried, as everything was absolutely new for me: the country, people, language, no parents or my friends next to me.  I was thankful for the Hubbard College of Administration’s support at this time. They helped me from my first day in Los Angeles. My period of adaptation to a new environment was brief.  I always knew that if I had any problems, the college would help me to find the solution.  And not only did the staff help but the students too. At Hubbard College of Administration, I met people from all over the world. It is really an international college! We have students from Taiwan, Lebanon, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Albania and so forth. It is a delight to know people from different countries. You can find out about different cultures and traditions, learn new languages, and try new food. Also, it can be an amazing opportunity for your career. Your friends here can be your future partners in business or just very good friends with whom you keep in touch with all of your life. During the study you very often need to work with other students (individually or in small groups) and it makes us closer friends.  And of course we have free time and can spend it together! I found my career education and the life of an international student very interesting and full of unforgettable moments.