My name is Josh.  I’m a degree student at HCA, and I just completed the Survey apprenticeship. j0283063Surveying can be seen so often.  Most companies are after the same thing; what are our customers thinking and saying?I think we’ve al done a survey for someone before wether at the mall, at home on the phone, etc.  I remember taking one once.   The surveyor told me that he was collecting the opinions from people who had been to their shops. He wanted to know why did people choose their product rather than others’. The survey questions didn’t really get valid opinions, because the questions weren’t created properly.  This course teaches the key pints of surveying.  It elaborates how to create valid survey questions, who should you ask them and how to use survey results for different activities such as PR campaign.  This course gave me the confidence to get valuable data from the public and use it to help a business.