My name is Giancarlo Dutko, and I just finished the “How To Effectively Handle Work” course on the Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management and Administration at Hubbard College of Administration International.

ControlThere is an entire section of this course devoted to “Control.” After reading the section, I applied it with my two year-old son. What I did was very simple. I went with him to his room and told him to pick up one of his toys. After he picked it up, I acknowledged him and then told him to put it in a basket.  Once he completed this, I acknowledged him. We did that over and over untill all of his toys where put away. Now the next day, before he went to bed, he picked up his toys and put them in their place. The amazing part is that nobody asked him to do so. Now that proves to me that control is not bad at all, as long as it is done with a certainty of outcome and good intentions.  Although this may appear to be a simplistic example, it clearly demonstrates what managers experience every day in the work place with regards to “Control.”