blog-18-imageCompleting the associate degree has been a very long journey for me. At times I felt I would never finish. But the knowledge I have gotten has been well worth the trek. Before I started the associate degree, I felt that I was a “smart” enough guy to be able to start and run a business. As I progressed I realized that there was so much information that I had been missing. And each step along the way I have added a tool to my belt. One of the great things about Hubbard College of Adminstration is that I was able to use each of my new tools as I got them, and boy did I! Each time I would complete a course, I would find myself using everything I learned without having to think about it. I could see that things that were difficult could be made much easier by just doing what I learned. I can’t begin to tell you how often I use the knowledge that I’ve gained. It isn’t like I have to put effort out to do something or remember what to do, I just do it. It makes life a whole lot easier. Every day I run across things that I do because of the knowledge I have. It’s innate to me. An executive is someone who gets things done. That is a statement that could be mistaken as somewhat of a small requirement. We all get things done, don’t we? But in fact when you work in the real world the majority of people don’t have the ability to do just that, get things done. This I feel is the greatest thing I have gained from my associate degree. There isn’t a single aspect of a business I feel I couldn’t get done as the executive. I have the  entire wherewithal I need to really get it done, no matter what it is. I don’t have a single favorite part of the associate degree program. Every course fits together to really create a full understanding, which you don’t fully have until you have done every course. I know I will use everything I’ve learned for the rest of my life, and I am so glad that I made the decision to get the knowledge I now have. -Redmond Sherwood