My name is Jaime, and just finished the Sales course at Hubbard College of Administration International as part of earning my business degree. I’m finally done with the last course on the degree program. Before taking this course I didn’t really have any affinity on the subject of sales, because I never reallyj0440391thought that I had a nice and convincible sales delivery. I knew that part of sales was, “you need to make them buy things.”  I even thought a salesperson needs to have a really strong force to sometimes persuade customers to buy products.  I certainly didn’t think I had this trait. However, the sales technology I learned on this course taught me so much that my viewpoint has totally changed. It seems like sales somehow is like a battle between the salesperson and the inner struggle from the customer himself, and if you apply this technology skillfully, you’re on the way to becoming an EFFECTIVE and POPULAR SALESPERSON with no doubt! I really enjoy reading the materials on this course and doing the drills associated with it.  The drills really helped me become more firm and stable on the data I read about.  Finally, I don’t think that sales is a hard thing to do anymore. I’ve eliminated all the barriers and am ready to close clients and deals with ease.