What does production rely on? The answer is organization. Without organization you have a cluster of people moving through the office in confusion. Confusion=no production. This statement is very true and can be demonstrated in everyday examples. With organization you get individuals working together as a group, with all of their actions contributing to the activity’s purpose or goal. Another good result of organization is high morale. Many questions enter into how a company should be established internally. Some people would rather give orders to anybody, whether that’s something the person handles or not. This is not how a company should be run. This course, while it’s called “Basic” Organization, gives you all of the information you need to know to accomplish a fully organized group, activity, or company. It even has a practical assignment which has you take an existing group that you are a part of and put the data you learn from the course into use and actually organize it! This was the favorite part of the course for me, because without it I swear I would have never found the time to do this for my band. Now as a direct result, my band is at least two-fold as productive as it was before, and I used to think we were really organized! Ever get the idea your organization has way too many people for the work that needs to be done? If you work in government you should know instantly the answer to that question. The fact is that some organizations have 500 people, which has work only 75 people could handle. There’s an answer to the over-saturation of your business in this course. As a part of the practical assignment I mentioned above, you will look over everything you company produces internally and externally, then back-track it to what functions bring about that product, and back-track even further to who does those functions and where in the organization they are. Doing this will help you realize many things such as the fact there may be functions not being done by everyone, or that you have three people doing the exact same function! As with every course I’ve done here at Hubbard College, it’s teachings are applicable to anything. As you can see I used it with my band, but its uses well exceed just that. Your school, your government and your life is all affected by organization. And as I said at the beginning of this blog: Production relies on organization, remember this well when you think about how can be more efficient in all that you do. Alex Edwards