Hello my name is Jonathan. I am studying to earn my degree in business management and administration, and I just finished Basic Organization apprenticeship. In this apprenticeship, I was able to help a dental practice by creating an Organizing Board. An Organizing Board is a form of infrastructure that can be designed and implemented in any company regardless of industry or size. The dental practice is now more productive. Now all of the staff is able to refer to the Organizing Board to clearPieces of the puzzle any confusions on their duties or even to explain to someone the flow of the dental practice including the flow of routing patients. This Organizating Board will also allow for the staff to know exactly what they are responsible for, how they take a role in the organization and who to refer to when in need of something. In doing this apprenticeship, I was also able to further understand the cycles that a dental office goes through. I had a great time in helping the practice and in doing this apprenticeship!