My name is Tiffany, and I’m studying to become a consultant at HCA.  I just finished a management course called How To Get Things Done. Before I took this course, I felt confused in my daily operations and I didn’t know why.  Now I know that it was because I didn’t finish any particular cycle of action before I started a new one.  Finishing cycles of action gives you the ability to control things. There was one drill at the end of the course that was very large.  At first, I felt that it was the most difficult time I had been through, and all I wanted to do was tell them to shut up!  Yet later, when I used what I previously learned about control, I focused on giving my intention to the people I was drilling with.  In the end, they followed my command!  I felt so great that I could even control this kind of situation.  After going through the drills on this course, I’m confident to exert such control of my life both professionally and personally!