My name is Alex.  I’m on the Business Management degree program at HCA, and I recently finished an apprenticeship on the Surveys course.

Pieces of the puzzleThis apprenticeship gave me a ton of experience in the field of surveying.  Seriously, I feel like I know and can do so much with surveys that I’ll never have a worry when doing them. The power of this apprenticeship really hit me on the second section, which involved making a particular survey that would emanate human emotion.  The purpose of this is to get as many done as possible until you’ve received a response value over 50% out of all people asked. I got to do these surveys with a composer. I did my Financial Planning apprenticeship for this individual, and was aiming to help him learn more about his targeted public.  Basically, to find out what they’d want from a composer in regards to recording orchestral instruments for recording musicians. Once this survey and a second survey were completed, I felt like I was on a whole new tier of this technology. The course gave me the data, and the apprenticeship really had me bringing its application to fruition. I got sufficient answers for both surveys and now the individual has the data he needs in order to share his service within that public in such a way that they’ll be open to listening to the message. It happens each and every day. Companies think of new and interesting ways to get their public to hear them and buy their products. Some of these companies do this successfully; you can take Apple as an example. I’m sure they take their customer’s thoughts and opinions very seriously and that has contributed to their huge success. Surveys open the door to the public.  You get to hear their thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc. It just makes sense that potential customers will be more willing to respond to an advertisement or even let it catch their eye if it had what they’ve been worrying about, which is accompanied by your product/service that serves as a solution or improvement.