Wesley here.  I recently wrote about the great experience I had on the Public Relations apprenticeship, as part of my business degree.  I just finished my Sales apprenticeship, and wanted to tell you about it. In the beginning I was a little bit afraid that no one would want to buy the product I was selling, because it’s expensive compared with other similar products from other companies. j0289893 Yet, after I finished the research of the product, I realized I was wrong, because most other products aren’t similar. This company really cares about the balance of your body and what ingredients can cause the best result. So, now I understand a key point in sales: Sell the product that can really help your customer or help your customer by offering them a useful and valuable product.  That’s why my sales were so successful. I made people understand and then they agreed with the product, which made them want to buy it.  Whenever the clients hesitated, I used the closing techniques learned in the course to reinforce the intention for them to think of why they wanted this product. It’s an amazing experience to have done this course and to sell the real product!  I really learned a lot.