My name is Jamie Chang.  I am from Los Angeles and am studying at Hubbard College of Administration International to earn my Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management and Administration.  I just finished the Marketing course. artpromoI had a lot of fun learning marketing. Before starting, I had only a vague idea about what marketing is. After taking this course, I now know what the sequence is and how you “market” the product by creating effective ads, releasing campaigns, etc.  What I liked the most was that in the course, there are a lot of drills that force you to study ads. The drilling of these ads had an immediate practical application.  For example, last weekend I was in Disneyland with my friend.  We were watching a watershow- World of Color in California Adventure land.  While watching it, I was very touched by the show and started thinking to myself, how did they make this?  How did they come up with these characters, and did they do positioning surveys for this?  All kind of questions came to mind right away.  I was surprised to find myself actually thinking this way.  I felt very proud of myself, because I was really USING the knowledge and APPLYING it in my life!