There aren’t many schools out there that really show you how to be an entrepreneur. If there were, I think there might be a lot more young entrepreneurs out there in the world. There are plenty of great ideas out there, but what happens? Having a great idea doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed success. You have to know what to do next. A lot of people take their ideas to a “professional”. I was at Coffee Bean the other day and I overheard one of these meetings with a “professional”. I could tell it was their first meeting; the professional didn’t even care about what the product was. I thankfully don’t have this problem. I listened to this guy talk about marketing, business models, even job titles regarding a two person company and all the money it would take to do so properly. It seemed to me all he was marketing was himself. If everything out there needed money to be successful we wouldn’t have Google and Facebook. Now I’m not saying you don’t need money. You just don’t need it as the end all to whether or not you are going to fail. It definitely helps! I go to a college where they teach you the importance of a career education. They actually show you how to start, run, and be successful at the goals you’re trying to reach. For that I’m truly thankful, because I would never want to put my company in the hands of some guy meeting me at Coffee Bean to go over my business.