Hi, this is Stella Ou. I am from Taiwan and am currently studying to become a Certified Master Consultant at Hubbard College of Administration International.  I’ve just completed the course “Basic Study Manual for Company Training.” 18This is a must study course for anyone and everyone who wants to enhance their learning abilities and know how to study to really get the most out of a subject.  Most of the time when people come across learning barriers they don’t know how to handle them.  They just let go of the subject or justify not learning it until the point of dropping it all together.  This course teaches you WHY there are barriers to study, what they are and how to handle them.  I have come to realize that I have had all these study barriers since I was little and that was the reason why I was incapable of understanding the subjects I wanted to learn about. When I first studied this course in Taiwan, I applied the “dictionary” technique on my students (I teach English to adults in Taiwan) directly.  The result was phenomenal.  They learned 10 times faster than before!  They could make up sentences faster and were able to learn new words each day along with not forgetting about the words they learned.   I was almost in tears when I observed that not only their willingness to learn had sky rocketed, but also the enthusiastic look on their faces in learning a foreign language.   I now restudied this book again at HCA.  I can definitely see how the learning techniques can also be applied to the work place by helping the staff as well as the management to increase their learning abilities, thus helping such individuals to enhance their performance. This technique is good for people of all ages.  We all need to learn, and this course will help you learn HOW to learn effectively.  It really works!