I am Wesley Kuo, a Taiwanese student from Taipei, Taiwan on the Associate Degree Program at Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA. I just completed the “Surveys” apprenticeship. You own a business and you sell your products.  Yet, how do you know that what you’re selling is the right product for the right public?  The first thing thatj0315598should come to mind is to do surveys. So, how do you know if you’re conducting surveying properly? Recently, while walking down the street, a surveyor stopped me and asked for a survey, so I said ok. The survey questions had nothing to do with the product he was trying to gather information on.  It was pointless and a waste of time for him to even be paid to conduct the activity. Few people have been properly trained in surveying to know that there’s a technology and an art to doing them right. The survey course will give you the data on how to make up the survey questions to find out what is wanted and needed from publics.  For example, the answer to the right questions will symbolize a picture, which can then be put into a promo piece. I had a lot of fun doing the surveys, and recommend this course to everyone.