Dr. Juan D. Villarreal

Dr. Juan D. Villarreal has practiced dentistry in Harlingen, Texas, for more than 32 years and owns one of the largest dental practices in the United States. Currently, Harlingen Family Dentistry employs more than 70 staff (including a number of associate dentists), services more than 450 new patients a month and has some 40,000 patient records. It wasn’t always that busy.

“When I began practicing dentistry I was eager to service everyone. After all, that is what doctors do. However, I had no management technology and found myself frustrated and stressed out. I was constantly looking for an answer to improve as a person and improve my practice.

After being in the field of dentistry for six years and only getting by with great effort, I was introduced to L. Ron Hubbard’s Management Technology in 1989 and began to apply it to my practice. I saw results instantly in myself and my practice. I realized that I had the ability to make things go right by applying these great tools that Mr. Hubbard had developed. Not only does it take rolling up your sleeves and ‘dedication,’ it also takes having the correct technology.

“My statistics have skyrocketed ever since. Today, I enjoy arriving at work and walking into the office of my dreams and seeing those dreams turned into a reality. I continue to apply Mr. Hubbard’s Management Technology to my business because I know it works and it can work for any business. In fact, I invite all businesses to take part in making their expansion dreams come true. All it takes is applying the correct technology and L. Ron Hubbard has placed these tools at our fingertips. Enjoy!”

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