blog-16-imageNo More MBA Street Sweepers So you graduated university. Awesome. So you scored well on your tests. Awesome. So you want to start making money. Grrreat… We’ll get right on that… Ya right. I like America for a lot of things, but the general schooling is one thing I don’t agree with. Universities cost a ton of money and teach you a lot of things you aren’t going to use later. It’s sad to see so many people spend so much money on ‘college’ and then get stuck in this horrible drag with no way to ever pay back their college debt. You finish college; got this huge debt and you need to find a job. You’ll probably start off by calling your mom, see if you can crash there for a short while. Of course you can. The first weeks you’re back, you just want to have some vacation. I mean you just graduated right?! A month goes by and you are feeling confident, and start searching for some job applications. Hmmm, there aren’t many jobs available right now… Oh here’s one! The interview didn’t go so well, they were looking for someone with experience. You didn’t have that yet, because college only taught you to KNOW stuff in your career education, not to DO stuff. blog-16-image-2You can’t get a job for a while, you then start giving blame. It’s the economy’s fault! It’s the evil corporations! At first it seems to be that way, until you just start blaming the most random things, it’s that one girls’ fault! It’s “that dinner I had Friday’s fault. It just stops making sense and you get scared, and then get sad and then hopeless. This is how it goes. So you want to change that? Awesome. So you want to get a life and start a career? Awesome! And you want to start making money right after college? Sure, we can help you with that. That’s Hubbard College of Administration, every student who has graduated has been assisted in getting a job in the field they are interested in. The school has contact with a great number of companies throughout the world who are alumni or just familiar with the results the Associate degree students produce. Companies are looking for people who can DO stuff, and do them right. Many of my friends here have graduated and could immediately decide to start working at a place they would like to work at. There is always job placement, there is never an exception. A graduate will ALWAYS find a job when they graduate. I want to start my own company and be an entrepreneur. I am going to work back in my own country for a while at my dads’ welding company and during that time I will apply the tools I learned here at the college to create a plan to launch my business after about a year. So if you’re having any trouble with finding a job or your current college’s education, let me know. Jerome Garot