In my life I have never dealt with Financial Planning in a company or even with myself before. In this apprenticeship I really went through different kinds of Financial Planning actions.  I really enjoyed seeing how I can help a company reorganize and establish its financial system.  I get even more excited seeing them make money after!   But, after you have money on hand, what should you do? In this apprenticeship there are certain definite steps and policies you should follow in order to handle your money. A company should know their finance exactly and have full control of it.  Otherwise they will run into trouble. Money is actually a tool one should properly and smartly use. I helped a company reorganize their finance with the technology I learned. Now they are on the right track!  They now know their direction because they know their finance better!  With this information they have gained more control. Yes, CONTROL! This company now is more able to control their money and invest into the right things. I am very excited that I completed this apprenticeship and now I am much more able to help financial situations in the work world and with myself personally!!!! Josh Lin