career educationI worked with a large oil company several years ago and I realize now that there is something that large companies tend to do quite often (when they got cash to spend), which is quite inefficient. They just throw tons of people to a problem or task in the hope that one of them will think of something clever to handle it. Not to say it doesn’t work, because somehow it sometimes gets done.associate degree It’s just wasting precious money and time. That oil company was in Bahrain, near Dubai, and the 400 people worked for 2 Dinar a day (like 4 dollars). So the damage wasn’t that high. But in more Western countries, this happens with a lot more finances being wasted. Tens of thousands of dollars go to employees who aren’t actually solving situations, but creating problems to look busy. I’m sure executives can relate to this, whether they work with statistics, which is a number or amount representing production compared to an earlier number of amount of the same thing, or not. I finished my associate degree several months ago here at the Hubbard College of Administration, but I’m happy I stayed to do the Professional Product Debug Course. The title of the course is self-explanatory. I actually learned how to debug a product, meaning to get stops or slows out of the way and get things unsnarled for an optimum quantity of the products I need and should be getting out. The name of the course was actually what I learned; I’m so happy about that! Thanks to a lot of training drills and practical application on this course it really puts you in a frame of mind where you can completely analyze according to facts, not myths or rumors. career educationIt’s great to be able to break the wall down and see the other side where the REAL problem is, often plainly in sight instead of constantly walking into a wall or throwing money at it to break it. This is one of the ultimate consultant courses one can do that will definitely find you a job to do. Jerome Garot