Graduation Requirements

Grading and Grade Reports

Grades and Quality Points: Grades are given for each course attempted, based on the following numerical value and quality-point rating.


Letter Grade Grade % Description Quality Points
A 92.5% – 100% Very Good to Excellent. Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. 4
A- 89.5% – 92.49% 3.7
B+ 86.5% – 89.49% Good. Moderately broad knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. 3.3
B 82.5% – 86.49% 3
B- 79.5% – 82.49% 2.7
C+ 76.5% – 79.49% Satisfactory. Reasonable knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. 2.3
C 72.5% – 76.49% 2
C- 69.5% – 72.49% 1.7
D+ 66.5% – 69.49% Minimum Passing Grade 1.3
D 60.0% – 66.49% 1
F Below 60% Failing. Unacceptable level of knowledge and understanding of subject matter. 0
CE Credit by Examination, No Quality Points Computed N/A
TC Transfer Credit, No Quality Points Computed N/A
RT Retake, No Quality Points Computed N/A
I Incomplete 0
W Withdrawal 0

Quality-Point Computation [Grade Point Averages]

Quality points are computed by multiplying the credits allotted to the course by the quality points assigned to each letter grade. The quality-point average is computed by dividing the total quality points earned by the number of credits attempted. The quality-point average is used as the standard for determining honors, scholastic class rank, and academic standing.

The cumulative quality-point average is a measure of the student’s total course work attempted at Hubbard College of Administration International. To figure the cumulative quality point average, the total number of quality points (the sum of all course grades multiplied by their quality point values) is divided by the total number of credits attempted.

Graded lessons, assignments or projects submitted from a student in a distance education course are provided back within approximately one (1) to five (5) days from the time of receipt by faculty.
Grade reports are mailed or given to the student within ten days after the completion of each course to each student who has fulfilled all financial obligations. This report shows the grade received in each course, the total credits attempted, the total credits earned, and the quality point computations. If a student repeats a course, the grade from the repeated course is recorded and computed in the quality-point average. However, the fact that the course was repeated is noted on the transcript.

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