blog-26-imageHello everyone, this is Janz Gonzalez, an Associate Degree student at Hubbard College of Administration. In these hard economic times, when college students are done with their studies, they wonder, “what I’m going to do?” or, “how can I find a job?” Here at Hubbard College, the school helps you find a job where you can start your professional career and success in life. Also, students go to lots of companies when they are doing their apprenticeships. They get job offers based on how well they perform while doing their school work. In my personal case, I was doing my Financial Planning Course Apprenticeship at a medical clinic. When I was almost done with the apprenticeship, the owner of the company talked to me and offered me a position where I had to take care of the finances of the business. Unfortunately, I already had a job. I think that that was amazing since not too many colleges have these opportunities for their students. Janz Gonzalez