My name is Kyriaki Alemi and I just finished the course Management by Statistics at Hubbard College of Administration International. This course gave me a clear concept of what a helpful l tool statistics are to business. The data that I got, cleared to me the subject of statistics and management. I realized that these go together and you can’t manage successfully without having a way to measure production. It is also clear to me that the only accurate way to measure production is by seeing it at a glance, in a graph that represents this. Without spending hours of searching and complicated systems, you can have a picture of who is producing and who is not. I learned how to read this statistics and give the right orders to keep them up or help them rise if down. That way you can plan for the future and you can predict disasters. By this course I realized that you can be total cause over your business and have total control no matter what is happening outside. Crisis or no crisis you can make your own future and expand as much as you want. Management by Statistics is a tool that can help you win. One needs only to get the course and apply the data. Hubbard College of Administration is an Oasis of help to business owners. It gives people the tools they need to manage easily their business.