Hi my name is Damiano Shehu.  I am from Albania and I Just finished the Executive Establishment Officer course that is part of the Master Consultant Levels certification at Hubbard College of Administration International . As the title of the course suggests, the Establishment Officers’ primary duties are to establish and maintain the organization. The course goes over the specificj0182826technology used by the Establishment Officer to achieve the above. It also delineates the importance of a sound structure that will enable a business to grow and expand.  It so happens that when organization is lacking that structure, sustainable growth and expansion aren’t possible. If we were to compare an organization to a skyscraper as an analogy, you would clearly see that a skyscraper with a week structure is susceptible to fall from natural forces like wind and earthquakes.   For a company, high winds may be economic instability. However, if you had a skyscraper that had a strong yet flexible structure, this would enable it to handle even the strongest winds and the most destructive earthquakes. Now, in a business, this would mean stability and flexibility despite of economic instability. Such a business would be so well established that very few external factors would have any real affect on it. The above is the duty of the Establishment Officer and as you can see, it is vital to the survival of any business, state, country or civilization.