Hi my name is Damiano Shehu.  I am from Albania and am studying at Hubbard College to earn my Master Consultant certification.  I just finished the Data Series Evaluators course. The Data Series is comprehensive and applicable to any process of decision-making. The premise of this course greatly facilitates the evaluation of data. Since wej04433672are constantly, in our busy lives, surrounded with immense torrents of data, it’s essential to have a system by which data is categorized according to importance. The course takes an effective approach to unravel the principles of logic and sanity. In this course, sanity is defined as the ability to recognize differences, similarities and identities. Logic is defined as the process of reasoning by which we come to conclusions.  In its entirety, the process of sound thinking is contingent on the quality of the data.  Thus, it becomes imperative that one recognizes the different qualities of factual data from opinions. Furthermore, when an arbitrary is entered into an equation, the end result will be incorrect. So, in order for one to be sane, one has to recognize differences, similarities and identities. This is a datum of terrific magnitude! After one has grasped the concept of sanity and logic, the course enters into another dimension. The dimension of correcting something that is not ideal in order to make it ideal or as close to ideal as possible. The major departure from the ideal scene is referred to as a situation. Every situation has a reason or a “WHY” for occurring. In a business, a situation could be low sales or low response from a marketing campaign.  It could also be subpar quality products. In this course you learn the technology of finding any situation and recognizing it, and then how to apply a step-by-step procedure that locates the actual reason for the departure from the ideal scene. That’s how formidable this course is!