Hi my name is Damiano Shehu.  I am from Albania and I Just finished the Product Debug course that is part of the Master Consultant certification at Hubbard College of Administration International. Before we get into the details of the course I would like to define two words: Bugged: is slang for snarled up or halted. Debug: means to get the snarls or stops out of something. As one can see, this course is dedicated to the removal of bugs from a production area. It encompasses a great many bugs such as financial, logistics, personnel,j0284001communication and relations with staff.  For each and every bug, there is a specific methodology that will resolve the bug and bring about increased in production. Furthermore, by drilling the various situations in the course room, you gain the confidence to apply the data you learn in a real business environment. One of the tools that I personally found extremely useful is False Data Stripping. In a society where false information is rampant from so-called authorities, it‘s absolutely necessary to be able to differentiate false data from true data. The False Data Stripping is a step-by-step procedure that allows you to diminish the effect of the untrue data on a subject and replace it with true data. This is a very powerful and useful tool for an executive.  Using this with the other tools learned on this course make for an extensive technology that can and does bring about the desired results-increased production.