Hi, my name is Stella. I’m from Taiwan and am studying to become a certified Master Consultant at Hubbard College.  I have just completed the course “How To Get Things Done.” Moving upIntention, Intention, Intention!! This is what you need in order to get things done. How often are we stuck on something, and we just can’t seem to move on?  How often do you want others to help you get something done, but they never seem to be able to?   Lack of intention is what causes these unfinished tasks.   The drills in the course are so useful and so very easy to adopt.  They are very powerful tools to use.  These tools enable you to be even more efficient on a daily basis when you are given orders or give orders to and from people around us. Each drill handles one particular situation.  For example, one drill has you confront the people and objects you’re having trouble with at work.  Another addresses how to relay your order to other departments when everyone is occupied.  One more addresses how to stop someone from distracting an order.  These are the common problems we encounter at any given time in our workforce.   Knowing this tech will indeed help boost your efficiency, and most importantly, save time.