Hi, my name is Stella. I’m from Taiwan and am studying to become a certified Master Consultant at Hubbard College.  I recently completed the course “How to evaluate and Predict Human Behavior.” j0289528This course is the BIBLE for anyone that’s working; be it a junior, senior, executive or founder.   Everyone has to learn about how to evaluate and predict human behavior in order to learn how to better your work environment.    Do you know why people behave a certain way?  Do you know why some people can get things done faster than others?   This course gives you the answers to the causes and formation of all behaviors. The vital part of this course teaches you how to use the tone scale.  For anyone who wants to start up a company, find a shareholder, or even a relationship, knowing how to “read” people’s behavior is the secrete toward your success in communicating with them.  In order to succeed, you’ll want people who can push you all the way to the top in order to reach your goals.   Your success will depend on how well you can communicate based on one’s behavior and actions.   This course will definitely help you to succeed in predicting people based on behavior characteristics.