Hi, this is Stella Ou. I am from Taiwan and am currently studying to become certified as a Master Consultant at Hubbard College of Administration International.  I’ve just completed the Ups and Downs in Life course. We all have our ups and downs throughout our lives and careers.  How to handle all these ups and downs is something one has to learn.  In this course, you notj0315598only learn a technology of how to handle difficulties in life, but also how to spot the problems that created such situations in the first place.  Who or what has been suppressing you from succeeding?  Why do you get sick?  Who or what gets you into trouble?  Who is that person that always gets in your way and becomes trouble for others? Have you ever ask yourself these questions?  One very important terminology learned in this course is called “Potential Trouble Source” (PTS).   You will learn to understand what PTS is and how to handle a PTS if you are around one.  If you manage a business, you definitely want to learn about this to help your colleagues and staff.   These sources are one of the reasons why your company won’t expand and why you need to spend extra hours resolving problems rather than creating solutions.