Hi, this is Stella Ou. I am from Taiwan and currently studying to become a Master Consultant at Hubbard College of Administration International.  I’ve just completed the course Executive Tools. An executive is someone who is capable and able to control and manage his job well.  This is the course that certainly teaches you all secrets en route to anj0443099efficient and effective executive.   You’ll never fail to be an executive if you follow exactly what this course teaches; all the planning, setting targets, how to handle upset situations, how to deal with problematic people and even how to systematically file your folders. Funny thing is that, many executives don’t even pay any attention to any of these minimal details.  Many believe that it’s the staff’s innate ability to have everything ready and in a presentable manner when in fact the executive himself first has to know all these minimal details.  Once you grasp the essence of management, managing becomes the easiest job in the world for you!