Blog 44 imageEvery course, every apprenticeship of the associate degree brings you a WIN. Every day in the college I come upon something new and these discoveries make my life better. Now I’m looking at my environment differently, I am able to see more in it, notice more things. Yes, like anybody, sometimes I make mistakes, but I now know how to help myself correct them and improve the conditions for my career education. I remember when I took the course “Formulas for Business Success.” I found out FORMULAS for every condition that can exist in business and in life. These steps can be applicable to any aspect of life or business and bring about prosperity. Sounds like magic? Yes, it is magic! It works! I personally checked it out 🙂 It was a big discovery for me. I wish everyone the same discovery, especially those people looking for answers to questions like, “How to improve life?” Incidentally, now, with the overly talked about “financial instability,” when so many countries are in non-optimum conditions, this could help! I gained a lot with my career education.  In the time since I’ve been here: I improved my ability to study, my communication skills, my persistence on getting things done, my business organization skills, and my effectiveness. I’ve also improved my handling of finances and work problems, knowing and using the “secrets” of how to be an EXECUTIVE and knowing how to predict and evaluate human behavior. And these are not all! Additionally, you can always share your success with everyone in the Hubbard College of Administration. We have a tradition that after a student completes his/her course or apprenticeship, he tells about his wins to the other students in the class. I think it is really nice to know not only about your own success but also about successes of your friends! It proves one more time that I chose the right college for my career education.