I find it helpful that upon completion of each course on my business administration degree I’m immediately put onto an apprenticeship with a working professional in that field. Be it PR, organizational patterns or marketing, I’m introduced to new aspects of that field as well as practice the theories and tools I learn on my course. The apprenticeships also open up the door to more career opportunities and let me work in any given field for a week or two, building my portfolio before even finishing school! Just recently after finishing my PR course I went to apprentice at a company and ended up learning how to do a formal case study and write press releases. At first when I was told that I’d be interviewing clients, designing and writing a case study and then writing press releases, I was stumped. I didn’t learn that on my course… That’s why I guess there are apprenticeships here. I got to put tools from my course to use when interviewing their clients for the case studies and in interviewing the clients I learned a lot about the retail business. I came out at the end with a great final product. I was even offered a job there once I complete my associate degree! Cassidy Turbin, Student at Hubbard College