blog-24-imageHi I’m Janz Gonzalez (the Cuban) from Hubbard College. I was attending another college located in San Luis Obispo, CA but that didn’t match my life style. When I started in Hubbard College I was coming to school 40 hours a week and at that time I didn’t have to work. However, the college is located close to Hollywood and I like to dance and hang out at the clubs. Because of that, my expenses increased and I needed to find a job. When I got the job I was able to change my study schedule without having to drop any courses. If I would have been at another college I wouldn’t have been able to make these types of changes until the semester or quarter ended. This is what I call a perfect schedule for a perfect career education. Now that I’m almost done with the Associate Degree program, I decided to finish it faster so I saved some money in order to keep my life style and I’m coming full time to the college again. Janz Gonzalez