Blog 40 imageThis is Elena, an Associate Degree student of Hubbard College of Administration. Today, I was reading the news about what is going on in my country, Russia, and I found this article: “‘According to the latest official figures almost two million Russians lost their jobs between January and the end of March. This combination of rising unemployment and rising prices is what some analysts believe could lead to unrest unless the situation improves in the near future,’ says the BBC’s Richard Galpin in Moscow. ” As part of my Associate Degree, I took the course “Financial Planning.”  Knowing this, I can see that only incompetent, ignorant financial management could wind up in such a crisis. This course gave me the data on how to increase my income, how to build up reserves of my company, control business expenses and set up a system that allows fast and accurate overview of the financial situation, etc.  This is incredible data! Having this knowledge and APPLYING it no Crisis can occur! I really believe that managing any company, or even more importantly managing a country, is a big responsibility, which demands knowledge! Management of any group should know this! I can even say, “Must know this!” Maybe some governments need to redo their management career education subject and get adequate knowledge that works!