What is the most important thing of PR?  “The reality of your public!” Life is full of communication. If you want to, either communicate your thoughts or change someone’s idea of something, or even form an idea, you would do it by communication! But, how will you communicate? Will you just say whatever you think of to your public? Is what you are saying real to them? In actual fact you better know what they need or want so they will be interested in what you are saying. The most interesting thing I learned in this apprenticeship is “grant someone their thoughts.” You agree with them then you will have opportunity to deal with them. I realized that some people they just want to put their thought on you but never agree with you. Guess what then happens, you walk away, because they didn’t grant your thoughts! When I was doing the PR event I paid attention to my public. I considered their thoughts, then I conveyed the message I wanted them to know. Now they are happy to take your thoughts and you will have a successful PR event. Josh Lin