I just completed the Hubbard College sales workshop and I have to say “awesome.” You would be surprised on how many different places you can use this stuff. I mean, the other day I was out with my friends and I had my idea of what I wanted to do that night, and simply sold everyone on what I wanted to do. It was that easy. I must say the sales training they have on the Associate degree is great. I’ve been selling for a while, but there were always a few types of people who seemed to get me. Talk about some on the spot career training. Now I have no issues, and I thought that I could sell before this, I mean I did make a living at it. I personally have seen a lot of different sales training seminars and courses out there, but this sales training seemed to break down all the points that you need to know and show you what to do. I’m still practicing, and I am by no means an expert yet, but at the very least I know what to do and I certainly don’t get tongue tied any more. Have you ever been to a car dealership or anything else where there’s a salesman, they talk and talk and talk and really try to lay it on you why you should buy this or that. It’s like a really bad blind date that you just can’t wait to get away from. The sales dude practically runs you out of the sale. This sales training definitely fixes that. If you have a good story of some salesman going horribly wrong, I’d like to hear it so leave it in the comments! Redmond, Student at Hubbard College