Turning Luck and Uncertainty into Continuous Expansion and a Steady Income If you have been interested in business at all, even if only a little, you’ve probably heard lots of statistics where half of new businesses don’t survive the first years of establishment, or something of the sort. Now why is that? I’ve heard many excuses, and they never seem very convincing. “The economy is bad” being the leader in excuses. People read the news and get bombed with it; this is then their excuse for everything that’s going bad. The (un)funny thing is, half those people don’t even know what “economy” means. Here’s a definition. Economy: “The Management of the use of the income, products and resources of a country, state, group etc.” – Modern Management Technology Defined You see here then, I emphasized the word management. If people truly knew this definition, they would realize that their own “economy” was bad. Their own management and control of their business is off. They think their problem lies with the country or the world (which is not a wrong assumption because in some way it does), whereas actually their problem lies within their knowledge of business administration and the application of it thereof. Just because the government is fiddling with the country’s economy, doesn’t mean you can’t do something about yours. Here at the Hubbard College, some of the other students have been to other California colleges studying for college degrees in business administration. –    All say that they had a feeling that the other colleges just didn’t give them anything they could truly work with. I want to be an entrepreneur, and I want to be successful. With the education I get in my Associate degree I have learned how to handle and control any organizational situation that has to be handled in a company. One of the most important things I have learned is not to cut back on spending, it’s rearranging it to things that will get you MORE money. It’s a simple realization, but if you want to know WHERE to rearrange it, drop me a line to see how I can help you get vital data for your life and your company. Jerome Garot quejay@gmail.com