blog-22-imageI have been going to Hubbard College for a year and a half now and have been working on the Associate Degree program.  Attending this school has improved my life a lot because I feel more capable of handling situations that can come up in my life. One of the things that I like the most is that almost every course that you take in this school has an apprenticeship. These apprenticeships are performed in a real company and you have to be able to apply the data that you learned in the course. I remember when I did the Planning course; I was able to do my apprenticeship at my brother’s office. My brother is a dentist, and he expanded his business by buying a bigger office, so he needed to move everything to the new office. As part of my Planning apprenticeship I wrote a full program with all the steps necessary in order to do an effective move without losing patients, while keeping production, gross income and collections as high as possible. In the end, thanks to this program, the move was successful and effective. I believe that the result was achieved due to all the data that I learned through my Associate Degree at the college. In addition, my brother and I feel good because I was able to help him with his business. Janz Gonzalez