blog-17-imageWith This Management Degree, You’ll be an Executive Godsend Companies are letting go of a lot of jobs, this is true. What is not true however is that it is impossible to find a job. When people go for an interview, they just have nothing to show their potential employer that they accomplished something in life. All they ever did was read, read and read. This might get you some grades, but does it give you any experience and real results in life? Not really. I remember going to a company to apply my basic organization theory course. I had to make an Organizing Board and create an organized and trained group of people. I had such an amazing time doing it. Studying is one thing, but actually doing it is a whole different ball game. After I was looking at my final product, an organized company who knew exactly its purpose and goal as a company and who had an organizing board they could use, I was just so sure that I could apply this to any company, and more importantly my life. See an organization doesn’t always just mean a business; you organize your life constantly right? You decide when you get dinner, you organize that in your schedule. You organize parties for your friends, you organize how you are going to invite them, you organize who is going to bring the drinks. You organize. So why would you not want to be able to organize a whole company? It’s the same thing, just on a bigger scale. It’s not hard at all. “Yeah, you make it sound easy, but I have a company of (only 3)/(20)/(500) employees.” It doesn’t matter, the organizing board assigns responsibilities to persons and just indicates what their product is and what their goal is. blog-17-image-2Each job and post has its own purpose in a company, even if one person does a whole lot, if you can put them all in its correct place, it’s ORGANIZED. I encourage every frustrated CEO who does all the work in his company by himself to check out this course. It’s vital to you. And I encourage every student out of high school, or college student to come do some of these amazing courses or even get started on the Associate Degree. Lots of schools can give you an administration degree, but what they often can’t give you is competence in your ability to DO. The Hubbard College of Administration can. Jerome Garot