blog-25-imageThis past week I finished the last course on the Associate Degree program, the Sales Course. The day I finished it I started an apprenticeship, which was aimed at putting my knowledge to the test. The practical side (as opposed to theory study) is what really helps graduates here find a job. We all know managers look for experience in new recruits…right? In the two days I took to sell, I sold a lady a month of service with me as well as did some cold selling on the street like the old days and sold five units in two hours! I also finally tackled my email files and compiled all of the names, numbers and email addresses of everyone who’d contacted me for services since 2007.  Now I know that when I contact these people I’ll get a much higher closing rate. I now actually have career education to back up my experience whereas before all I had to work with was trial and error. When I went cold selling I took a good friend of mine along and gave him a quick rundown on some simple sales no-no’s as well as some tips.  Throughout the selling he made price concessions, which were unnecessary. I promptly corrected him after the sale and got across to him that if the person is receptive, you don’t need to make any price reductions. Only reduce when absolutely necessary, not as a courtesy. We both broke old habits and know we’ll do well in the future as a sales team. Though I have done an entire course and apprenticeship on sales, I’m still learning on the subject and plan to attend the sales workshop here at the college June 26th and 27th. Cassidy Turbin